January 3rd - ADELAIDE

  • Hartley Concert Room 122 Kintore Ave Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia

Adelaide!! It's good to be home. Since departing for sunny England two years ago this city got excessively cool, and I've returned home to a vibrant, hipster-filled gin-drinking kale-snorting wonderland.

To celebrate being from Adelaide and also then inevitably leaving Adelaide again, I'm performing a one-off concert at the Hartley Concert Room, Kintore Avenue, SA 5000. The event has graciously been sponsored by anonymous friends and Fox Creek Wines. 

As a result, I'm initiating a 'Pay What You Can' system; or effectively, a pay what it's worth system. Come - if you can afford to, donate at the end. If you can't, please enjoy the music. If you can't and don't enjoy the music, well, at least we're all no worse off for it.

Programme to include Liszt, Messiaen, Wagner, Ravel and Chopin. What more could a boy want?