COOK&PIANIST - The first Crossmodalist experience as designed by C H R I S  L L O Y D:pianist, Charles MICHEL and The Jackalope. The compositions of Franz Liszt in Anneés de Pelerinage, deuxieme anneé: Italie were inspired by the classical art forms he came across whilst in exile from Paris during the 1830's. Liszt was despondent at the state of Italy upon arrival, however was inspired by the paintings of Raphaello, the sculptures of Michelangelo, the local song forms, the sonnets of Petrarca, and poetry of Dante Alighieri. 

On September 13th, 2014, Lloyd, Michel and the Jackalope produced an experiential event designed to once again translate these works into a further medium, whilst enhancing the medium of music through taste and sensory stimulations.