Berlin-based Australian Concert Pianist, Chris Lloyd: Master of Music from the Royal Academy of Music (London), 1st Class Honours from the Elder Conservatorium of Music (Adelaide), Co-Founder of international cross-disciplinary arts/science movement, Crossmodalism; curator, teacher, and entrepreneur.

Lloyd has performed as a solo and chamber musician throughout Australia, Canada, USA, Italy, Germany, UK, and New Zealand, winning several awards and grants along the way. CL is primarily interested in developing new performance techniques in line with the ever-changing cultural demands of the 21st Century. Crossmodalist collaborations form a bulk of this work; leading to performances in spaces as diverse as the Science Museum or a perfumed lake in Warwickshire, an ancient piazza in March√©, or with two painting chefs at a tech conference in Berlin.  

Aside from performance work, CL curated the classical music stream of the AusNZ Festival 2015, given masterclass at the University of Cambridge, launched a Management Company in 2014, given lectures on entrepreneurialism at the Royal Academy of Music, had interviews and articles in French, British, and Australian magazines/journals, is an Opinions Author for Classeek Showroom (Switzerland), and is writing a book on the classical music industry, published by Repeater Books (UK). He is also in a Chinese classical/rock band (signed with China Records), and folk rock band August and After in London.

CL is a champion of independent management and entrepreneurialism in classical music, and has performed over ninety times in the past two years. He aims to inspire the next generation of music listeners and performers by presenting the highest quality product in the most contemporary and valid way.


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CROSSMODALISM is the pursuit of UnityUnity of the senses, Unity of the arts and science, Unity of our artistic contemporaries and predecessors.

In the zeitgeist of the 21st Century, dictated by ultra-connectivity, we find ourselves separated from human contact more than ever before.

Art can sound, feel, taste, look and smell; and it can touch us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Reinforced by science, inspired by emotion, driven by development: this is CROSSMODALISM.