Australian Concert Musician, C H R I SL L O Y D:pianist is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, London, where he graduated with a Master of Music under principal tutor Rustem Hayroudinoff, having completed a Bachelor of Music (1st Class.) at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide.

He has performed throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany and New Zealand, winning several awards along the way. In 2011, he was a member of the highly acclaimed Ménage à Trio, which toured New Zealand and Australia, and performed Poulenc’s Concert Châmpetrè with the Adelaide Youth Orchestra. Throughout his studies in London, he was supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust and the Elder EMR Scholarship.

CL is primarily interested in developing new performance techniques in line with the ever-changing cultural demands of the 21st Century. Crossmodalism forms a bulk of this work; with explorations in experiential art conducted with cooks, visual artists, perfumers, virtual-reality producers, composers, production designers, mixologists, photographers, fashion artists, filmographers and scientists, amongst several others. With the other founding members of Crossmodalism, their work has developed into an international movement, with members across four continents and nine countries working towards sensory-enhanced experience, research and exhibition.

CL curated the majority of the classical music performances and events at the 2015 Australia and New Zealand Literary and Arts Festival held at Kings College, London, as well as chairing a discussion panel on Collaborations in Contemporary Music. He is curating the first International Crossmodalist Symposium and Performance Exhibition, in Santa Croce, Tuscany; hosted Crossmodalist Gatherings at various venues in London (most recently at the Wallace Collection); presented meditations at Also Festival 2016; worked with fashion and dance film makers; recorded with a Chinese pop-classical band; designed a sensorial dining event for the British Library; given piano masterclasses at the University of Cambridge; ran experiments at the Science Museum and the Royal Society; and in 2014, launched his own Management Company, operating in Artist Management and Experience Design. In 2015-16, he has performed over 60 concerts as part of #the100project – an online documentation of 100 performances across two calendar years.

Upcoming projects include Sex&Chopin - a collaboration with Carly Gray Production and six creatives (including photography, film, sculpture, and set design), exploring visual interpretation of the sensuality in music; Entartete Musik - a festival celebrating music banned by the Third Reich in the 1930's; Surrealist Music - pairing the musical and visual worlds of the surrealist movement through Salvador Dalí; several Crossmodalist performances, including Perfume Concerts, UnforbiddenX, Immersive Dining Events; and an Australian Contemporary Music Festival in London. 


CROSSMODALISM is the pursuit of UnityUnity of the senses, Unity of the arts and science, Unity of our artistic contemporaries and predecessors.

In the zeitgeist of the 21st Century, dictated by ultra-connectivity, we find ourselves separated from human contact more than ever before.

Art can sound, feel, taste, look and smell; and it can touch us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Reinforced by science, inspired by emotion, driven by development: this is CROSSMODALISM.