Depending on how you rate music, Chris Lloyd is not one of the finest pianists of his generation. He’s probably not even one of the top ten finest young musicians in his generation.

But he does have a few things that should make you stand up and listen closer.

Independence. Individuality. Irreverence. Want to feel something at a concert? Want to witness a performance by someone who actually feels something? Quite apart from being solely concerned with what is right, Lloyd is devoted purely to transmitting story, emotion, and expression in his performance.

The next generation of musicians will reclaim classical music as something they own that they want to share with you, no longer pillars of an antiquated museum of things past. Fully educated and fully confident of their abilities to communicate with the audience.

Chris Lloyd, far from being the finest pianist of his generation, is aiming to pave the way for the next generation.

Listen Now.

Lloyd has all the qualifications and awards you’d expect from a concert pianist - for more information, click here. Better yet, feel free to use your own eyes and ears and judge for yourself.


Unexpectedly, Lloyd has recently become somewhat of a writer, penning articles for Classeek Showroom (Switzerland), Disc Museum (United Kingdom), and Limelight Magazine (Australia); as well as guest articles for Yuca Magazine (Netherlands) and Ernest Journal (UK). In 2017, he received a publishing deal for his first book to be released by Repeater Books (United Kingdom). His writing all revolves around the challenges of the classical music industry, and how we - as musicians and audience members - can create real change through action and understanding.


Crossmodalism is an international interdisciplinary movement, co-founded in 2014 by Chris Lloyd, Charles Michel, Daniel Ospina, Nadjib Achaibou, and Dr. Janice Wang. Initially interested in multi-sensorial experience, and how classical music can interact with sensory stimulation to enhance the listening experience, the movement has grown in the following years to include practitioners across the entire spectrum of creative disciplines - perfumery, cuisine, research, design, tech, et. al - encompassing a diverse group of people with multiple goals: all brought together through the joint appreciation of collaboration. Crossmodalists are active across the world, with members in the USA, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Italy, France, Colombia, and the Netherlands, in addition to the two main chapters of Berlin and London.

Lloyd has curated an incredibly diverse range of experiences. From the classical music strand at the Australian and New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts in 2015, to developing concepts for Also Festival (2016-2018), the Crossmodalist Cabaret during Open Senses Festival 2017, running experiments at the Science Museum London, Royal Society, and curating the Crossmodalist stand at New Scientist Live in 2016. In 2017, he joined the Food Art Week directors board in Berlin, founded the Berlin Crossmodalism Chapter, and is currently devising a series of new experiences - including a new staged version of Schubert’s Winterrreise, and a new opera with composer Evan Kassof (USA) and Ella Marchment (Helios Collective - U.K.).


Lloyd performs with two bands; folk rock band August and After in London, and with Yijia Zhang (China). The first album with Zhang, Life, is being released in China in 2018. He has previously dabbled in artist management, given masterclasses at the University of Cambridge, and delivered lectures on contemporary classical music at Das Kapital (Berlin) and Festival No. 6 (Wales).

Please click here for a full Curriculum Vitae


CROSSMODALISM is the pursuit of UnityUnity of the senses, Unity of the arts and science, Unity of our artistic contemporaries and predecessors.

In the zeitgeist of the 21st Century, dictated by ultra-connectivity, we find ourselves separated from human contact more than ever before.

Art can sound, feel, taste, look and smell; and it can touch us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Reinforced by science, inspired by emotion, driven by development: this is CROSSMODALISM.