‘The Chef and The Pianist’ is a collaboration between C H R I S  L L O Y D:pianist and Chef Charles MICHEL (Neurogastronomist and Chef-in-residence at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Oxford University), The two are working together to create a series of events worldwide which challenge the concepts of traditional classical concerts and dining experiences. With the aid of multi-sensory science and experimentation, they will deliver a cutting edge collaboration, fusing and enhancing the two most universal art forms – food and music.



 the events    

Inspired by the Gesamtkunstwerk aesthetic of Wagner and Kandinsky, the event will take advantage of the worldwide obsession with multi-sensory experiences, and will draw on the full palette of sensory stimuli, inviting a new audience to fine dining and fine music. It will feature a menu designed by Chef Charles MICHEL to Franz Liszt’s Années de pèlerinage, Deuxième année: Italie performed by myself, Chris Lloyd, and will incorporate thematic, programmatic and emotional elements of the music, reinforced by scientific research and experimentation in conjunction with Oxford University.